The Benefits of Baby Massage


Baby massage is a tradition practiced by different cultures around the world. In western cultures baby massage is a relatively new concept with many more families massaging their babies every year, as they understand the many physical and emotional benefits it offers for both yourself and your baby.

When we massage oil or natural moisturiser into a baby's skin and massage them with smooth, rhythmic, firm strokes, we are talking to them in a language they are familiar with and trust, the language of touch. Which of all five senses, touch is one of the most developed at birth. The familiarity of touch encourages babies to relax in their little bodies, and they quickly learn that life is good and feel safer in the new world around them.

We hope this video helps give a better understanding of the many benefits that come with baby massage, and also gives some helpful tips on a few techniques. If you would like to read more about the many befits of Baby Massage, Click here to read more on our ‘Baby Massage’ blog.


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