About us

Our Company

ChamonixRain Organics is an Australian company that produces natural and organic skincare, clothing and bed linen. While our products were originally created for babies, we soon found that there were plenty of grownups who wanted completely safe, natural and nourishing skincare too. We are now proud to create a range that caters for everyone.As parents ourselves, we know how important peace of mind is when it comes to your kids, especially when they’re babies. We want the best, and we want to be sure it’s not harmful in any way. That’s why all of our products are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients with strict certification standards.

ChamonixRain Organics grew from a passion and way of life – it is a brand built on a deep love and respect for nature and a desire to make organic products of the highest quality accessible for everyday families like ours.

Our Products

Two pure but powerful natural ingredients form the basis for all our products – coconut and bamboo. Organic coconut oil is used as the base ingredient in our skincare products for its unique combination of hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties (plus it smells amazing!).

We use certified organic bamboo fibre for our bed linen and children’s clothing – not just for its unrivalled softness and comfort, but for the myriad of health benefits that come with it. Not only is bamboo fibre hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating, super absorbent and odour resistant, but it’s made from an eco-friendly, and renewable material. We love the planet so this is really important to us.

Our Promise

Here at CRO we pride ourselves not only on our premium product quality, but also on being a company who is completely honest with our very loyal customers who all trust our brand and products.

For us, it's equally as important to be honest not only about what we ingredients we put into our skin care products – but also the ingredients we don't!

What DON'T you include in any of your products?

We promise you will never see any of the following unnecessary ingredients within any of our products:

• soap


• parabens

• petrochemicals

• formaldehyde

• synthetic fragrances

• unnecessary chemical fillers

Did you know?

Our skin is the body's largest organ, which absorbs up to 60% of what we topically apply to it.

Our products contain 99.9% naturally derived Ingredients, giving you the peace of mind that what you are putting on your skin is free from potentially harmful chemicals.

What is the 0.01%?

Because the 99.9% of natural & certified organic ingredients we use in our products are naturally derived – they are actually food grade quality. Therefore, without the inclusion of a high quality preservative, our products would only have a maximum shelf life of around 6 weeks.

The 0.01% we use is potassium sorbate, which we have found most effective, because of its anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties which is something we are also very mindful of when developing our products.

Do your product have a scent?

Yes our products smell AMAZING!

We don't use any synthetic fragrances our products don't have that 'artificial' coconut smell.

Our unique coconut aroma will leave the skin, hair and your bathroom smelling like your on a tropical holiday – everyday!

Are your products cruelty free & vegan friendly?

Yes all products are all 100% vegan friendly, not tested on animal and proudly Australian made.

Independent Verification

Exacting standards are guaranteed, with all of our materials tested by GOTS, IMO and OEKO-Tex Standard 100. Soil and water is periodically tested to ensure that the farm fields and processing facilities meet the standards that have been set. Verification is provided by independent means to always ensure your maximum confidence.

These important measures are vital to our own peace of mind, helping to ensure that our complete range of textiles are safe and suitable to use with your baby.